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Tax Breakdown

2022 Tax Break Down

Municipal:            Minimum Tax                    $ 1,270.00

                             Base Tax*                         $   700.00

                             Mill Rate                            5.4                          

                             Mill Rate Factor                5         Agricultural

                             Mill Rate Factor                0.79   Residential

                             Mill Rate Factor                2.76   Commercial

                             Base for Hospital **        $ 150.00


School:                Mill Rate                             1.42  Agricultural

                            Mill Rate                             4.54  Residential

                            Mill Rate                             6.86  Commercial

Calculations for Taxation:   


Taxable Assessment   X   0.001   X    Mill Rate   X   Mill Rate Factor   +    Base Tax                                                                                        = Municipal Taxes   +   Base for Hospital    or    Minimum $1,270   +   Base for Hospital.



Taxable Assessment   X   0.001   X    Mill Rate   =   School Taxes

*Vacant commercial lots are charged a reduced $ 500.00 Base Tax.

** Base for Hospital,  the Town belongs to the Twin Rivers Group (Duck Lake, Rosthern, Waldheim, Hepburn, Hague, RMs of Duck Lake, Rosthern and Laird),  and the group has been levying a Hospital Base Tax since 2015.  The Twin Rivers group is responsible for 20% of the costs of a new hospital. Funds levied to date are in Town Reserves, which will be allocated once a new hospital for Rosthern is announced by the Provincial Government – we are hopeful to hear an announcement shortly!