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Crime Prevention Tips From the Rosthern RCMP

Some quick tips to protect yourself from property crime:

-Always keep your residence, outbuildings, and vehicles locked and secure at all times.
-Consider trimming shrubs and trees away from doors and windows that may obscure visibility and give criminals a place to hide and work.
-Install motion activated lights on your property or leave your porch lights on.
-Install or utilize deadbolts rather than door knob locks

-Ensure windows are kept closed and locked, and considering purchasing locks to prevent sliding glass windows from being opened.
-Record the serial numbers of your property, this will increase the likelihood that Police will be able to return your property
-Consider engraving your property with something that is unique to you as it will. assist Police in identifying stolen property
Sgt J Spence
Rosthern RCMP

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Rosthern RCMP are warning the public of a fraud scheme where victims are told to buy pre-paid gift cards for payment.  RCMP said they also continue to receive complaints of fraudulent calls from people claiming to be with Canada Revenue Agency and are reminding people not to give out personal information over the phone. Instead, you should ask for an agent number from the caller and contact Canada Revenue Agency directly, not through a number provided by the caller.

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